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where have all the chefs gone?


21 August, 2015 | In: Careers, Catering, News, The Training Room

According to Carina Perkins, the Fresh Foods Editor at the Grocer “more and more people are eating out in the UK”*. Despite the apparent growth within the hospitality sector, you’d think the volume of industry ready chefs corresponds with the influx in restaurant goers. However, reality actually paints a completely different picture, and is a concern for all restaurants across the UK.

On Saturday 15th August 2015 Independent journalist Jamie Merrill reported that “the chef crisis is getting to the point where practically every restaurant in the UK is short of staff”**. This is even impacting some of leading restaurants in the UK, in which Merrill highlights of a “dire shortage of experienced chefs, from chefs de partie in brassieres to sous chefs in the trendiest London ventures”**.

So what does this all mean exactly?

Whilst it’s evident that there is clear need for chefs in the UK, this article also indicates that industry experts are favouring alternatives in gaining all the necessary qualifications in becoming a chef. Mark Hix owner of eight different restaurants across the UK’s capital suggests that “Catering colleges are not what they once were. They don’t teach students to innovate or work under pressure, and we can’t just sit back and wait for staff to come to us. We have to go out to find and train them”**.

What The Training Room can do for you and the industry?

The Training Room are a full service careers provider and offers courses in Personal Training, Beauty and Professional Cookery & Hospitality. In the previous paragraph Mark Hix identified the problem and The Training Room have the solution. The Training Room’s world-class cookery & hospitality tutors are highly experienced and take pride in teaching and passing their wealth of knowledge onto all students, meaning that once graduated are equipped with all the necessary skills to become a successful chef. Additionally, The Training Room work with corporate partners, such as Prezzo, The New World Trading Company, Macdonald Hotels, GHL Group and more, who have real jobs available, for fully qualified, entry level graduates. Due to the strength of these relationships The Training Room are able to guarantee interviews for all their graduates. Last year The Training Room managed to place 78% of their graduates into industry relevant roles.

The Training Room offers qualifications in level 2 and level 3 in their respective courses, which mirrors the levels of qualifications you gain at college. What’s great about The Training Room is that they’re able to get all their students graduated in a much shorter time frame than your traditional college courses ranging from 10 days to 6 months and they have a variety of different courses to suit your needs and learning preferences. Moreover, all students at The Training Room benefit from three years career support, that’s before, during and after your course. So if you decide to change careers or relocate, students can get back in touch with The Training Room for assistance with a new placement.

In summary, although the shortage of chefs across the UK has caused issues amongst the hospitality sector, the sheer fact that chefs are currently so sought after, presents such a fantastic opportunity for a company like The Training Room to place more and more students into their dream career.

For more information on The Training Room please call on 0800 021 6050.

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