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The human mindset

Human mindset

10 July, 2015 | In: Careers, Personal Training, The Training Room

We’ve all experienced the euphoria of finishing something we previously thought was near impossible! Getting an A* in that hard maths paper, tackling Mount Everest, or it may even be a smaller personal goal that you have set yourself. Regardless of what it is, once you’ve done it, you feel like you’ve conquered the world! Rightly so, pushing yourself beyond your limit is challenging, and requires the utmost determination on your behalf.

The human body is a work of art, in particular, our ability to continuously go beyond the bounds of possibility. On May 6th 1954 Roger Banister broke the 4 minute mile, an achievement deemed unimaginable at the time. Fast-forward 61 years, and now high-school students and people over the ages of 40 are breaking the famous accolade. It was also considered absurd that one day a human would travel to outer space, let alone to the moon, and guess what we’ve done that too.

So whatever your goals are this year, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain or a change in career, if you believe in yourself and your ability, you could shock yourself with what you could achieve. Maybe you could become the new Roger Banister!

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