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Surfing: The Ultimate Summer Body Workout


20 June, 2016 | In: News

Surf's up in the UK this month and what better way to highlight the physical and mental benefits than to tell your clients about International Surfing Day on June 20th? It may be a specialist sport but you don't have be a semi-pro or jet off to the other side of the world to reap the benefits of the board.

Here are just three reasons why your clients should take advantage of their summer holidays and swap sunbathing for the swell.

It may look effortless, but surfing is one of the most challenging sports your client’s body will endure. Continuously paddling out to sea increases the heart rate and can lead to a calorie burn of 500 per hour, while the physical demands placed on the body can boost the metabolism.

Not only can surfing whittle your client’s waist, it can also give them a lean body from head-to-toe. Paddling out to sea may be a necessity when surfing but it's also a fantastic workout for the arms as it incorporates swimming and resistance from the waves. Thanks to the ever-changing conditions of the sea, surfing requires a steady position at all times, engaging the core continuously. By using their midsection to keep their balance, your client will achieve abs worth showing off at the beach in no time. Once they've made the transition from knees to standing, the surfing stance will give them increased definition in their legs and glutes. Hello summer body!

There's nothing like spending time at the beach to make us forget our over-flowing inboxes or the to-do lists we left behind. Taking to the sea can do more than give you a little R & R though. A study by the California State University found that people described as depressed, angry or stressed become more calm, relaxed and happy after going through a surfing program for a few weeks. This is because people who engage in surfing feel a deeper sense of tranquillity, which boosts psychological balance as a whole.


You don't have to clock up some serious air miles to try your hand (and feet) at surfing. These UK hotspots are perfect for surfing newbies:

Newquay, north Cornwall
It's no secret that this is the centre of the surfing community in the UK. Fistral Beach is one of the most famous stretches of sand in the British Isles because of its west-facing position that exposes it to the Atlantic swells, guaranteeing waves all year round.

Gower Peninsula, South Wales
Llangennith is the most popular surf spot in Wales thanks to its three-mile stretch. This is a great spot for upping your client’s cardio fitness as the best waves are further out to sea.

Thurso, north-east Scotland
If Hawaiian pro-surfer, Love Hodel, calls the Caithness coast “pretty damned perfect”, it can't be a bad spot. Home to one of Europe's best waves known as Thurso East, this is one to be tackled by experienced surfers.

Croyde Bay, north Devon
Known for its challenging swell, Croyde is one for intermediate surfers. If your client is a surfing novice, they're better off heading down to the less crowded Saunton Beach or Putsborough where the waves are gentler from the Atlantic.

Saltburn, Cleveland, north-east England
As one of the original centres of the north-east surf scene, Saltburn is a great location for beginner waves, especially either side of the pier.

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