It’s hard to know how fit you really are right? Wrong. In actual fact it’s pretty easy. Reebok have taken all of the guess work out of it for you by creating the Archon platform. Over the last 2 years they have developed a series of fitness assessments designed to test the various components of fitness and evaluate the methodology of training.

The uniqueness of the platform is that it has been created using a series of algorithms that allow the user to compare their results with their peers. Compensating for age, weight and gender Reebok Archon will deliver a fitness score in each assessment and allow the user to view progress, build tables with friends and even create a social network of like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

We want you to evaluate the way your clients train and via continual assessment show progress. After all getting better each and every day, each and every workout is the ultimate aim of Reebok Archon. By showing progress your clients will continue to train with you and you’ll gain more clients from building your portfolio, your business and your PT brand.

As part of our Personal Training courses you will be trained in how to use Reebok Archon to your advantage as a Personal Trainer and how it will benefit your clients.

It also offers you three potential revenue streams:

  • Online Archon Verifier – Archon members can send you their fitness assessment videos for verification/advice. You can look to charge them per verification/video.
  • Archon Verifier – Archon members can meet with you to go through various fitness assessments in person for verification/advice. You can look to charge them per verification or for several over the space of 30 minutes/hour.
  • Group Assessments/Archon Days – You can set up group assessments/Archon days for Archon members to visit you and run through various assessments, or focus on one specific assessment. You could then look to charge them per head, as a group, or charge them for the day.
  • Upload training programmes – Give Archon members the tools and training programmes they need to help improve on their fitness assessments. You can upload a portion of a training plan to Reebok Archon, with the remainder of the plan being available to Archon members once paid for.

From these revenue streams you could also look to convert Reebok Archon users into Personal Training Clients. E.g. A user fails an assessment, which then may require them to seek the help of a Personal Trainer to pass the assessment. After verifying the assessment as a fail, you could offer Personal Training sessions to the Archon user to help them pass.

Also, from qualifying as an Archon verifier you will benefit from the following discounts:

  • 25% off of all Reebok products
  • 10% off Reebok products for your clients

The Top Reasons you should become a Reebok Archon Adjudicator (From Matt Ford, Reebok Archon Creator)

  • Everyone likes free stuff and so as a Reebok Archon Adjudicator you get an ongoing 25% discount on all Reebok apparel via the Reebok One website registration.
  • More free stuff, you get a 12-month digital subscription to PT Magazine.
  • Gives you the ability to verify the results of your fitness assessments on line on the Reebok Archon platform
  • Gives you the ability to market yourself as a Reebok Archon Adjudicator and assess other Archon Members assessments via one to one visits, group assessment days or on line videos at a charge.
  • Gives you something else to put onto your CV.
  • It’s a training cost so tax deductible.
  • It gives you confidence in knowing the assessment criteria.
  • Ability to learn off the very best when it comes to the 4 essential strength lifts, Bench, Squat, Deadlift and Clean from British Weightlifting.
  • Allows you to advertise yourself as a Reebok Archon Adjudicator separating yourself away from the competition.
  • Possibility of being selected as a Reebok Archon Adjudicator at one of the Archon Combine live events in 2017/18 – Paid and Kit
  • Legitimizes your practices.
  • Showcase that your style of training works/methodology
  • Become one of the Archon Family. We are about to upload 5000 trainers to the site and so be one of the first rather than join in at a later date.

The best bit is, this service is completely free for you to use once you have completed our course!