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Post Match Thoughts vs Redruth


22 September, 2012 | In: The Training Room

Great teams learn from mistakes and great teams build. Average teams would of taken the defeat against Worthing and would not of put Chinnor away and kept them at bay, average teams would not of put in the performance we did yesterday  after being put right up against it, against a massive pack who thought they could bully us! How wrong they were! We are not average, we are a good team who have shown signs of growth already in just 4 games. We have been tested and each time we have shown the mental strength and determination to come back. We are fighters, we are lions and we do not back down to anyone. We have proven we can play at this level, Redruth will be a team up there at the end of the season, they will prob have one of the most physical set of forwards in the league and we took it to them.
Chatting to their players in the clubhouse after, they were genuinely shocked by how physical and dogged we were! Best set of forwards they have played against in some time was their words. Below are a couple of links to tweets, from their captain and man of match. Nice to get respect, but wait to the return visit on 12th Jan at Chapel Gate, The Lions Den! They’ll wish they didn’t respect us, because we’re not going to show them any! Really enjoyed yesterday! Hope you got to see what I’m about and for first time, I felt accepted by the boys and Capt Manning with a fist pump after getting that penalty at the end for the bonus point kick. I owed a big one after my performance against Worthing and I needed to step up and get amongst it! Lets keep on trucking and lets keep on getting back up even when knocked down. That’s what defines a good team from an average one!

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