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Our Students – Lizzy Goddard

Lizzy Goddard

Name: Lizzy Goddard

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Manchester Wilmslow


After struggling with her own body battles as a teenager, Cheshire born fitness fanatic and pole dancing teacher, Lizzy Goddard, 23, decided she wanted to help others overcome their body issues, the same way her 4 times British bodybuilding champion father helped her overcome anorexia nervosa.

Lizzy wanted to help women of all ages feel confident and beautiful in their own bodies, so she turned her attention to become a qualified Personal Trainer and start her own journey to compete in bodybuilding competition, UKBFF, 2016.

With the help of The Training Room (TTR), Lizzy was able to turn her love for the gym into a career, to ultimately focus on health and fitness. She took part in an intensive six week course which aided her to achieve an accredited PT qualification.

The Training Room is a full service careers provider. In a nutshell, it specialises in high quality professional training across a range of industries, but its approach is underpinned with the fundamental belief that its role is to support each and every student during and after their training in order to provide the best career start possible.

Lizzy who currently has ten private PT clients and runs her pole dancing class at Pole Seduction in Cheadle, explains why her change in career was the best decision she’d ever made:

“From my previous past of suffering from anorexia nervosa I always looked at healthy physiques and aspired to be like them. Now I can help others see that they’re not alone and they can do anything they want to do.”

After getting in contact with The Training Room, Lizzy took part in an intensive six-week programme which covered a variety of subjects and involved a number of practical tests, as well as exams, to receive her PT accreditation.

“I decided to completely change my career from an admin worker to a Personal Trainer, as I loved training myself as well as helping my friends at the gym. I wanted a career that I loved doing and woke up every morning excited to see what the day would bring. I like running my own business as I am in control of how I run my life and once you see results, you can be proud as you have done it yourself.”

Although Lizzy admits setting up your own business isn’t easy, she reassures anyone wanting to set up their own business to stick at it, she advises “don’t stress, put 100% effort in, be positive, give yourself goals and never give up”

For those looking to become a Personal Trainer, Lizzy gives her thoughts on using The Training Room:

“I found the TTR programme really helpful, especially learning how the muscles and bones work together to make up the human body. The tutors we had were great, not only were they full of knowledge, but they taught us in a way that we all enjoyed. The quality of teaching was outstanding, and the course itself was excellent. We had lots of theory to learn, but that was broken up with loads of hands on activities putting what we were learning into practice.”

On talking about her plans for the future, Lizzy ends: “I want to grow and help others change their lives to be happy and confident within their own bodies. I want to help them mentally as well as physically and turn my business into something that can change lives”

To find out more about Lizzy’s PT journey, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.