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Our Students – Sarah Long

Sarah’s New Career As A Personal Trainer

Whilst working in admin, Sarah Long decided that sitting behind a desk for the rest of her life wasn’t for her, and opted to take a change of direction with her career.

This change of direction took her outside of the office as she opted to become a personal trainer; aiming to change people’s lives for the better.

Developing A Sport Career

Opting to take part in a six week intensive course, Sarah began her journey in turning her love of sports into a full-fledged career. It was here, with the help of us at The Training Room, that she achieved an accredited PT qualification.

Then, following her personal training graduation, Sarah set out to begin building her client base, and says changing her career was probably the best thing that she’s ever done.

“Since a young age and throughout my school years, I always had a love for sports and PE. I loved hockey, football, badminton, running and especially rounder’s. Anything that involved kicking, catching or hitting, I loved it. I was really active, however, my career in admin held me back from what I loved doing, and the job I was in wasn’t motivating or fulfilling for me.”

Every day was the same.

“Last summer I started looking at courses that were being offered by different training providers and decided to go with TTR’s ‘fast-track’ training, mainly because the price, duration and location were best suited to me. With the amazing support of my parents I left my admin job in mid-January and started the training a few weeks after, finally doing what I really wanted in life.”

Selling Herself

Now that she’s fully qualified, Sarah has set out to ensure that she stands out from the crowd, with the hope of growing her number of clients, and helping as many people as possible.

She explained that to do this she had to develop her USP, saying: “My USP is cardio, and running is my interest. My target market is 40-60 year old women who may not know what to do on machines or in the free weight area, or could be bored with their usual gym routine. I try and show them exercises they may not have done before, with the aim of making the most out of their workouts.”

Finally, the new trainer explained what you truly need to stay motivated and succeed within the fitness industry: “There are lots of skills you need to be a personal trainer, but the key ones are dedication, passion, motivation, patience, resilience and people skills. None of these should be taken for granted. I am taking each day as it comes and I am learning new things every day. My personal training qualification can also open up other doors to other possible careers in the industry, so I’m really looking forward to the future.”

And Sarah has all of these skills by the bucket load, and we’re glad that we at The Training Room helped her see this, and helped turn her passion into a fulfilling career.