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Our Students – Martin Fishwick

Name: Martin Fishwick

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Glasgow

Why did you decide to pursue a career in Personal Training?

Sport, exercise and fitness is the only thing I’ve ever had a serious passion for. I’ve been an active individual since I was 4 years old, and through a number of sports I’ve learned so much and developed as a person. Sport and exercise has given me so much and I feel it’s a great opportunity to give something back, by influencing others in the same way sport has influenced me.

How did you find the course?

Absolutely solid course. Anyone in Scotland thinking of doing this course is in great hands with Darren and Jenna. Passionate and helpful and teach in a way that’s fun and engaging! I learned more and had more fun in these 6 weeks than 4 years at university! 10/10.

How are you finding your new career as a Personal Trainer?

I’m just into my second week in Pure Gym and I’ve found the team here at East Kilbride to be incredibly supportive and down to earth. I found it daunting to promote myself in the first week but I’m beginning to understand that more gym goers are interested in personal training than I expected and I have my first consultations booked in this week.

What does your future hold?

So my experience has been daunting but positive so far and I’m working on my business plan to move to Australia and PT out there for a year or two.