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Our Students – Jordan Goddard

Name: Jordan Goddard

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Solihull

How did you find your tutor?

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Alex and the rest of the team, can’t recommend the course highly enough because of him. His teaching style was spot on and never once did I feel it was getting boring or too much for me, he always kept it enjoyable and entertaining.

Why did you choose Personal Training?

I have played football from a very early age I then became a professional footballer for four years, before going part time. During my years of playing I always had a passion around gym activity, after many years of picking up different ideas from different coaches, I realised it was an area I could be different to every other Personal Trainer and show my expertise and make a difference in the industry, as well as using it to progress my own career.

How are you finding life as a Personal Trainer?

Really enjoying getting out there and speaking to new people and finding out people’s difference views on health and fitness, in the future I am looking at being renown as one of the best PTs around and looking at owning many of my own gyms based around functional exercise and sports performance.