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Our Students – Dan Potts


After a string of bad luck, ex-admin worker Dan Potts, 52 from Stockport decided to turn his strengths to fitness and become a personal trainer, with the aim of changing people’s lives for the better.

With the help of The Training Room (TTR), Dan was able to turn his love for the gym into a career, to ultimately focus on health and fitness. He took part in an intensive six week course which aided him to achieve an accredited PT qualification.

The Training Room is a full service careers provider. In a nutshell, it specialises in high quality professional training across a range of industries, but its approach is underpinned with the fundamental belief that its role is to support each and every student during and after their training in order to provide the best career start possible.

Dan currently has two private PT clients, and runs his own boot camp at a local church hall. He explains why his change in career was the best decision he’d ever made:

“I’d been made redundant, had to have major knee surgery and I ended up suffering with depression. Things had got to point in my life where I needed to make a change from just having a job to having a vocation in life. A change that would turn my health around for the better, because that was taking a beating, and a change where I could actually do something I enjoy and have a passion for.

“Personal training was an obvious choice for me as I’ve seen so many people join gyms and slog away at their training and not receive the results they were expecting, also I’ve always enjoyed exercise and reading about the human body and nutrition. It was hard work and I had to make a few sacrifices in my home activities for revising and studying, but it was worth it.”

After getting in contact with The Training Room, Dan took part in an intensive six-week programme which covered a variety of subjects and involved a number of practical tests, as well as exams, to receive his PT accreditation.

Dan comments: “It took me just two weeks after graduating to secure my first client, and I love working for myself. For me, the most important bit of advice when starting up would be to be friendly. Make friends with people and don’t just treat them as potential clients. You may never get that woman in the gym who trains at lunch time as a client, but she may know someone else who wants a PT. Also, gyms can be pretty intimidating places, so it’s up to us as gym professionals to make them as welcoming possible.”

For those looking to become a personal trainer, Dan gives his thoughts on using The Training Room: “The Training Room course has been fantastic. The two tutors we had were great. Not only were these guys full of knowledge, but they taught us in a way that we all enjoyed. The quality of teaching was outstanding, and the course itself was excellent. We had lots of theory to learn, but that was broken up with loads of hands on activities putting what we were learning into practice.”

On talking about his plans for the future, Dan ends: “My plans are to expand my boot camps and make them successful. They’re different to most other boot camps out there, so it’s just a case of getting the word out there. Also, I’d love to have a select group of one-on-one personal training clients to work with in attaining their fitness, health and longevity goals.

To find out more about Dan’s boot camps, visit his Facebook page here.