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Our Students – Andrew Donald

Andrew’s New Career As A Personal Trainer

Andrew, from Aberdeen, began his personal training journey after he was involved in a near fatal car accident. It was following this that he decided he wanted to make the city fitter and healthier, and set out to start his own personal training business.

Turning his career around, Andrew went from being a business development manager and dedicated his time to the world of health and fitness; taking part in The Training Room’s intensive six-week course, to gain his PT qualification.

Starting Out

Now that he’s recently qualified, Andrew already has seven clients and is being inundated with various enquires about his services. Speaking to us, Andrew said he believes this change in career is the best move he’s ever made.

“I have always had an enjoyment of being fit and having a healthy diet, but my passion for fitness arose from a near-fatal car accident I suffered a number of years ago. My recovery from that accident was due in the first instance to the surgical skills of my medical team, and it was that team who persuaded me that only a dedicated physical training routine would ensure a complete return to full health.

It was this dedication that convinced me of the importance of training and its vital correlation with good health and wellbeing.”

Doing What He Loves

Andrew went on to explain that although he intended to do the course for himself and continuing working, everything has completely changed and he’s found a job that he loves.

“I always had the idea of doing a personal training course to carry out as a hobby on the side, but when I ended my career in business development, I sat down and thought to myself about all the endless opportunities that personal training opened and the new direction in life my career could take me.

Now, I wake up every morning and I look forward to going to work, as every day is a truly different day than the last. From the people I will meet and the challenges I will face, to making other people’s lives better and motivating others, I know I am making a difference to my clients.”

Looking Into The Future

He is now continuing to learn everything there is about the world of personal training, and everything else involved to help benefit the future of his business; in order to help those in need. He’s also looking to expand his business in the future when the time is right.

“When it comes to top tips on running a PT business, you have to be a people’s person and also be ready to deal with people from all walks of life. Put as much effort in as you can, as the more you put in the more you will get out of it. And last, but not least, have fun! Live to learn, learn to love and love to live.”

Thanks to us here at The Training Room, Andrew, like many others, has been able to change his career and life for the better, and hopefully many others along the way.