Our Students – Alex Robson

Name: Alex Robson

Course: E-Learning – Personal Training

Alex is proof that you can successfully complete a Personal Training course, as well as work full time in order to develop your career. The Training Room offer various styles of courses to suit our students lifestyle, so if you are keen to get qualified in minimal time we offer a six week course, however if you prefer to do it in your own time with support from one of our experienced tutors like Alex, our e-learning option is the way to go.

“I chose to undertake my Level 2 and 3 qualifications with The Training Room due to the positive first impressions that I had of the company. The company seemed extremely professional and competitive in price as well as the promise of ongoing career support and opportunities.

The e-learning course was the option that I selected as it best suited my needs as a full time fitness manager. I have taken approximately a year to complete both sections of the qualification but the structure and freedom which came with the e-learning course was ideal.

I’d also like to mention how professional, supportive and responsive my tutor, Lyndsey, was. She responded to all of my queries in full detail within a minimum amount of time (usually 48 hours maximum). I felt 100% confident that if I emailed her with a question or with a worksheet submission before I started work, I would most likely have a response by the time I returned home. I feel this made my e-learning experience a brilliant one and I don’t feel I have missed out on any skills/knowledge compared to what I may have learned in a classroom.

Please pass on my thanks to Lyndsey and thank you to The Training Room!”

Congratulations to Alex on becoming a fully qualified Personal Trainer and The Training Room wishes him all the best in his career.

For more information about The Training Room courses, click here.

Our Students – Andrew Morrison

Name: Andrew Morrison

Course: Fast-track – Blended Course

Location: Reading

The Training Room are proud to work with students of all ages, abilities and skills to help them get into the career of their dreams. For those of you that don’t think you have it in you to up skill yourself and follow your dreams, check out Andrew’s inspiring journey below to see what a little determination can do for you!

“Being dyslexic can be very frustrating at times, especially when no one wants to give you a chance.

I have been on other courses and have been asked to leave because I did not fit the criteria. This happened to me a number of times in the past so I set out to find a company that would be able to cater to me. I phoned a few companies and got the same old treatment. i.e. the course is too intense, I need GCSE’s and so on. When I called The Training Room and spoke to Ross (TTR Academy Assessor) I told him what my concerns were and he really understood what I had to say. He arranged for me to meet a tutor called Amanda.

We sat down and she listened to what my concerns were. She was straight and honest and to the point, she told me it would be hard and frustrating at times but it could be done! I started a 6 month course on 2 May 2015 at Reading Academy where I was under the watchful eyes of Amanda Atkinson and Paul Edmondson. The classroom only held a few of us which is good as when you are in a bigger class its easier to get brushed to one side. There was a good mixture of ages from young to old.

There is quite a bit of theory and practical work to get through but Amanda walked us through it step by step and answered any questions and got us discussing topics which helps build confidence. Everyone on the course was helpful and understanding. The practical side of the course was my favourite as you get to learn new techniques. One of my favourite sessions was battle ropes which I had never done before. Amanda huddled up the class to give a demonstration on battle ropes, she put us all through our paces, at the end of the session we were all laid out across the gym in the recovery position lol! That’s part of the fun on the course but if you didn’t want to take part you were never forced to which I think is good as some people are not confident or have injuries, or they do not have the ability to do it.

On exam days the tutors are very helpful if you are dyslexic, or have learning difficulties as they supply a reader for you. I failed my level 2 twice and started to get behind. The tutors were very helpful and put me back a term until I caught up. The tutors are always on hand in the evening if you need help with anything. I finally made it to level 3 where there is more theory and practical. The classes are always fun and good to be in. The hardest part for me was the theory work where I struggled with writing programs and nutrition. The practical side was fun especially when it come to fitness testing. I finally finished the course on 26 April 2016.

This was a great achievement for me and I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Congratulations to Andrew on successfully completing his Personal Training qualification. We wish Andrew all the best with his new career and hope he reaps the rewards of all his hard work and commitment. If you would like to find out more about becoming a Personal Trainer, whatever your needs, please click here to get in touch.

Our Students – David Bosley

Name: David Bosley

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Reading

At The Training Room, we pride ourselves on providing highly experiences and qualified tutors on all our courses, so it’s fantastic to hear when one of our students has had a great experience on their course. We recently have heard from David who is just about to complete his Fast Track Personal Training course at our Reading Academy.

“As I am just about to complete my course at Reading, I wanted to give a little feedback on the course.

You will recall that I had some reservations before, and immediately after booking the course, I contacted the course tutor, Amanda, and she allayed my concerns.

Still on joining the course, I did not really know what to expect, thought I had been favourably impressed by the admin side provided by TTR before the course began.

Regarding the course itself, I can only say, thank God I booked my course with The Training Room. The course itself is excellent, the CPD modules are a great value add, and will enable us as PT’s to stand out, and have a much broader skill base. The delivery of the course is exceptional. Amanda is an extremely good trainer, and both she, and Matt, have gone above and beyond what could reasonably be expected.

From the outset, they have been extremely approachable, and have dealt with any issues professionally and promptly. As a qualified NLP practitioner I have noted their effective efforts to accommodate all learning styles, auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic. They have tried to make the course engaging as much as possible, and given as much help as required according to individual needs.

Sadly not everybody on the course has fully engaged, and this has been the only sour note, however I don’t see how Amanda or Matt could have done anything more to engage everybody. I guess it just proves what we will see in the market, that we can provide training, we can give 100%, but it will be for clients to fulfil their part of the deal, by engaging, and doing the work, then they will get the benefit.

Again, the course has exceeded my expectations in every respect, and I would have no hesitation in recommending The Training Room, and as somebody who has been through (and delivered), a fair amount of training over the years, I would also have no hesitation in recommending Amanda and Matt as great trainers.”

We would like to wish David all the best with his career in Personal Training. If you would like to become a Personal Trainer, The Training Room have courses to suit all lifestyles, from intense six week fast track courses through to e-learning options where you can learn in your own time when it suits you. With flexible funding options to suit you too, why not apply to become a Personal Trainer today – just click here.

Our Students – Lizzy Goddard

Lizzy Goddard

Name: Lizzy Goddard

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Manchester Wilmslow


After struggling with her own body battles as a teenager, Cheshire born fitness fanatic and pole dancing teacher, Lizzy Goddard, 23, decided she wanted to help others overcome their body issues, the same way her 4 times British bodybuilding champion father helped her overcome anorexia nervosa.

Lizzy wanted to help women of all ages feel confident and beautiful in their own bodies, so she turned her attention to become a qualified Personal Trainer and start her own journey to compete in bodybuilding competition, UKBFF, 2016.

With the help of The Training Room (TTR), Lizzy was able to turn her love for the gym into a career, to ultimately focus on health and fitness. She took part in an intensive six week course which aided her to achieve an accredited PT qualification.

The Training Room is a full service careers provider. In a nutshell, it specialises in high quality professional training across a range of industries, but its approach is underpinned with the fundamental belief that its role is to support each and every student during and after their training in order to provide the best career start possible.

Lizzy who currently has ten private PT clients and runs her pole dancing class at Pole Seduction in Cheadle, explains why her change in career was the best decision she’d ever made:

“From my previous past of suffering from anorexia nervosa I always looked at healthy physiques and aspired to be like them. Now I can help others see that they’re not alone and they can do anything they want to do.”

After getting in contact with The Training Room, Lizzy took part in an intensive six-week programme which covered a variety of subjects and involved a number of practical tests, as well as exams, to receive her PT accreditation.

“I decided to completely change my career from an admin worker to a Personal Trainer, as I loved training myself as well as helping my friends at the gym. I wanted a career that I loved doing and woke up every morning excited to see what the day would bring. I like running my own business as I am in control of how I run my life and once you see results, you can be proud as you have done it yourself.”

Although Lizzy admits setting up your own business isn’t easy, she reassures anyone wanting to set up their own business to stick at it, she advises “don’t stress, put 100% effort in, be positive, give yourself goals and never give up”

For those looking to become a Personal Trainer, Lizzy gives her thoughts on using The Training Room:

“I found the TTR programme really helpful, especially learning how the muscles and bones work together to make up the human body. The tutors we had were great, not only were they full of knowledge, but they taught us in a way that we all enjoyed. The quality of teaching was outstanding, and the course itself was excellent. We had lots of theory to learn, but that was broken up with loads of hands on activities putting what we were learning into practice.”

On talking about her plans for the future, Lizzy ends: “I want to grow and help others change their lives to be happy and confident within their own bodies. I want to help them mentally as well as physically and turn my business into something that can change lives”

To find out more about Lizzy’s PT journey, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Our Students – Gary Sales

Name: Gary Sales

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Hatfield

Gary has recently completed his Fast Track course with The Training Room and is already putting it to good use in a new business venture – Full Bottle Fitness (www.fullbottlefitness.co.uk) which is great to see one of our students already using his skills to benefit others.

“I have just finished my Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training at your Academy in Hatfield. Craig and Leighton are amazing at what they do and have been great trainers/tutors. I will not lie, I thought the training would be much easier than it has been, but the support from the Training Room team has been first class. Their knowledge both academically and through years of practical experience was amazing and kept me motivated throughout the six week course.

I said to Leighton today, I do not expect to be remembered as the best student but feel my journey has probably been the greatest. I really knew very little six weeks ago; the guys have done a great job getting me ready for today’s assessment. I am genuinely very grateful. My wife has done training with another provider, she tells me that The Training Room’s support is exceptional compared to the support she received!

I look forward to the continued support from The Training Room. I will always recommend your services to my team and other people in the fitness industry. I also hope to support the team in Hatfield by talking to other students on business days in the future.”

(Gary Sales, The Training Room, Fast-Track course – April 2016)

We wish Gary all the best with his future as a Personal Trainer as well as with his new business.

If you are interested in doing a fast track personal training course; to kick-start a career in fitness then call us on 0800 021 6050.

Our Students – Josh Coburn

Name: Josh Coburn

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Sheffield

Josh Coburn recently graduated from The Training Room after completing an intense four week fast-track course in Sheffield. Josh is a keen fitness enthusiast and Graphic Designer!

“I have just completed the first ever 4 week fast track course with The Training Room in Sheffield, led by the fantastic tutor, Tom Stringwell. Couldn’t recommend the course highly enough. I learned so much and had such great fun in the process too. Not only have I left with a Personal Training qualification, but priceless memories that will last a lifetime!

The 4 week fast track course is certainly not for the faint hearted mind, as it was extremely intense and required every bit of your energy to learn throughout the day in class and then go home and revise ready for the next day. However, if you are willing to give it everything you have got, it has now been proven that you can become a fully qualified personal trainer in just 4 short weeks!

Cannot thank Tom enough for his fantastic guidance and continued support, even since leaving the course! Couldn’t have asked for a better tutor, I really feel he has given me all of the tools I need to become a very successful Personal Trainer and has also become a good friend of mine, who I will definitely stay in regular contact with.

Another huge thanks to the rest of the team at The Training Room for their support throughout the course and a special shout out to Ross Ayley, who was massively helpful during my registration onto the course. If anyone wants to ask me any questions about my time on the course or anything about the course itself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch”!

(Josh Coburn, The Training Room, Fast-Track course – November 2015)

If you are interested in doing a fast track personal training course; to kick-start a career in fitness then call us on 0800 021 6050.

Our Students – Jordan Goddard

Name: Jordan Goddard

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Solihull

How did you find your tutor?

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Alex and the rest of the team, can’t recommend the course highly enough because of him. His teaching style was spot on and never once did I feel it was getting boring or too much for me, he always kept it enjoyable and entertaining.

Why did you choose Personal Training?

I have played football from a very early age I then became a professional footballer for four years, before going part time. During my years of playing I always had a passion around gym activity, after many years of picking up different ideas from different coaches, I realised it was an area I could be different to every other Personal Trainer and show my expertise and make a difference in the industry, as well as using it to progress my own career.

How are you finding life as a Personal Trainer?

Really enjoying getting out there and speaking to new people and finding out people’s difference views on health and fitness, in the future I am looking at being renown as one of the best PTs around and looking at owning many of my own gyms based around functional exercise and sports performance.

Our Students – Martin Fishwick

Name: Martin Fishwick

Course: Fast-track – Personal Training

Location: Glasgow

Why did you decide to pursue a career in Personal Training?

Sport, exercise and fitness is the only thing I’ve ever had a serious passion for. I’ve been an active individual since I was 4 years old, and through a number of sports I’ve learned so much and developed as a person. Sport and exercise has given me so much and I feel it’s a great opportunity to give something back, by influencing others in the same way sport has influenced me.

How did you find the course?

Absolutely solid course. Anyone in Scotland thinking of doing this course is in great hands with Darren and Jenna. Passionate and helpful and teach in a way that’s fun and engaging! I learned more and had more fun in these 6 weeks than 4 years at university! 10/10.

How are you finding your new career as a Personal Trainer?

I’m just into my second week in Pure Gym and I’ve found the team here at East Kilbride to be incredibly supportive and down to earth. I found it daunting to promote myself in the first week but I’m beginning to understand that more gym goers are interested in personal training than I expected and I have my first consultations booked in this week.

What does your future hold?

So my experience has been daunting but positive so far and I’m working on my business plan to move to Australia and PT out there for a year or two.

Our Students – Sarah Long

Sarah’s New Career As A Personal Trainer

Whilst working in admin, Sarah Long decided that sitting behind a desk for the rest of her life wasn’t for her, and opted to take a change of direction with her career.

This change of direction took her outside of the office as she opted to become a personal trainer; aiming to change people’s lives for the better.

Developing A Sport Career

Opting to take part in a six week intensive course, Sarah began her journey in turning her love of sports into a full-fledged career. It was here, with the help of us at The Training Room, that she achieved an accredited PT qualification.

Then, following her personal training graduation, Sarah set out to begin building her client base, and says changing her career was probably the best thing that she’s ever done.

“Since a young age and throughout my school years, I always had a love for sports and PE. I loved hockey, football, badminton, running and especially rounder’s. Anything that involved kicking, catching or hitting, I loved it. I was really active, however, my career in admin held me back from what I loved doing, and the job I was in wasn’t motivating or fulfilling for me.”

Every day was the same.

“Last summer I started looking at courses that were being offered by different training providers and decided to go with TTR’s ‘fast-track’ training, mainly because the price, duration and location were best suited to me. With the amazing support of my parents I left my admin job in mid-January and started the training a few weeks after, finally doing what I really wanted in life.”

Selling Herself

Now that she’s fully qualified, Sarah has set out to ensure that she stands out from the crowd, with the hope of growing her number of clients, and helping as many people as possible.

She explained that to do this she had to develop her USP, saying: “My USP is cardio, and running is my interest. My target market is 40-60 year old women who may not know what to do on machines or in the free weight area, or could be bored with their usual gym routine. I try and show them exercises they may not have done before, with the aim of making the most out of their workouts.”

Finally, the new trainer explained what you truly need to stay motivated and succeed within the fitness industry: “There are lots of skills you need to be a personal trainer, but the key ones are dedication, passion, motivation, patience, resilience and people skills. None of these should be taken for granted. I am taking each day as it comes and I am learning new things every day. My personal training qualification can also open up other doors to other possible careers in the industry, so I’m really looking forward to the future.”

And Sarah has all of these skills by the bucket load, and we’re glad that we at The Training Room helped her see this, and helped turn her passion into a fulfilling career.

Our Students – Andrew Donald

Andrew’s New Career As A Personal Trainer

Andrew, from Aberdeen, began his personal training journey after he was involved in a near fatal car accident. It was following this that he decided he wanted to make the city fitter and healthier, and set out to start his own personal training business.

Turning his career around, Andrew went from being a business development manager and dedicated his time to the world of health and fitness; taking part in The Training Room’s intensive six-week course, to gain his PT qualification.

Starting Out

Now that he’s recently qualified, Andrew already has seven clients and is being inundated with various enquires about his services. Speaking to us, Andrew said he believes this change in career is the best move he’s ever made.

“I have always had an enjoyment of being fit and having a healthy diet, but my passion for fitness arose from a near-fatal car accident I suffered a number of years ago. My recovery from that accident was due in the first instance to the surgical skills of my medical team, and it was that team who persuaded me that only a dedicated physical training routine would ensure a complete return to full health.

It was this dedication that convinced me of the importance of training and its vital correlation with good health and wellbeing.”

Doing What He Loves

Andrew went on to explain that although he intended to do the course for himself and continuing working, everything has completely changed and he’s found a job that he loves.

“I always had the idea of doing a personal training course to carry out as a hobby on the side, but when I ended my career in business development, I sat down and thought to myself about all the endless opportunities that personal training opened and the new direction in life my career could take me.

Now, I wake up every morning and I look forward to going to work, as every day is a truly different day than the last. From the people I will meet and the challenges I will face, to making other people’s lives better and motivating others, I know I am making a difference to my clients.”

Looking Into The Future

He is now continuing to learn everything there is about the world of personal training, and everything else involved to help benefit the future of his business; in order to help those in need. He’s also looking to expand his business in the future when the time is right.

“When it comes to top tips on running a PT business, you have to be a people’s person and also be ready to deal with people from all walks of life. Put as much effort in as you can, as the more you put in the more you will get out of it. And last, but not least, have fun! Live to learn, learn to love and love to live.”

Thanks to us here at The Training Room, Andrew, like many others, has been able to change his career and life for the better, and hopefully many others along the way.