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Become a Personal Trainer

Our Glasgow Academy is located at Glasgow David Lloyd, Renfrewshire. The club offers a range of first class facilities including a gym, tennis courts and indoor/outdoor swimming pools creating the perfect venue to undertake your training programme.

As a student at the Glasgow Academy you will benefit from the following:

  • Full access to facilities on weekdays (including fitness classes)
  • CafĂ© area
  • Children’s nursery (reservation required)
  • The Training Room Tutors

    Darren Doak
    Jenna Coyle

    For facilities and equipment at our Glasgow Academy visit: Glasgow David Lloyd

    Where to find us:
    The Training Room
    David Lloyd,
    Arkleston Road,
    Cockleshill Park,
    PA4 0RA

    For information about the centre, call: 01414 132 001.

    For more information about our courses, send us your details and we’ll call you back.