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healthy snacking is the way forward

healthy snacking

15 July, 2015 | In: Nutrition

Did you know that healthy snacking can help manage your weight and increase energy levels?

Manage weight by eating regularly

Ironic right? But we all know that horrible feeling of becoming extremely hungry, and having a harder time resisting the urges of grabbing a quick Big Mac or having a slice of the afternoon cake, at work. So eat more frequently, but smaller portions to resist the temptations of the bad foods.

Help your metabolism

Blood sugar dips three to five hours after you eat. Eating small, frequent snacks keeps your metabolism revved up and helps normalise blood sugar. Whereas hunger can throw your body into famine mode, which slows metabolism and makes it easier to pack on the pounds.

Afternoon slump

Hit the 3pm slump at work or struggling to reach your one-rep max? We all know that in order to perform at your best, you need gas in the tank. Having several snacks a day helps banish tiredness and increase energy levels.

The great thing about snacks is that they’re quick to dish up, and they can easily fit in-between meals, so take it to work, or have it as snack before gym, the choice is yours.

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