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The Great North Run


29 August, 2014 | In: The Training Room

Get Ready for the Great North Run

With the Great North Run taking place this week – Sunday 7th September – there’s definitely a buzz building up. Whether you’re taking part in the race itself or cheering on friends and family as they take to the track, there’s always a way you can get involved and be part of this fantastic event.

A Little History

With the first staging of the race all the way back in 1981 with 12,000 runners, it now attracts approximately 56,000 runners each year. The course starts in Newcastle, makes its way through to Gateshead and finishes in South Shields, where the runners are overwhelmed with achievement, triumph and emotional sentiment. Each and every runner is running for a cause; a cause close to their heart, so it’s an important day for everyone involved – every runner is running with passion.

You Can Do It!

Perhaps you’re setting yourself a personal goal, or maybe you’re joining in for fun and to raise money for charity; whatever your reason, make sure you prepare yourself beforehand. With the race drawing near, you’re sure to have followed a strict training plan to get your body ready! But in the vital few days leading up to the big day, make sure you continue to eat healthy, drink lots of water and stick to your fitness plan. Just a few more days and then you can relax!

So get ready to run in the footsteps of Paula Radcliffe and give Mo Farah a run for his money in the Great North Run and take an unforgettable experience away with you.

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