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A Career Less Ordinary: From PT to Skinny Chimp


02 March, 2015 | In: The Training Room

The Training Room graduate, Rebecca Goodchild attended one of our personal training courses in Brighton and has gone on to create something very special and is now the proud owner of a gym-inspired clothing line called Skinny Chimp. After Skinny Chimp turned 2 years old we caught up with Rebecca to find out how her business is evolving since she graduated:

When did you do The Training Room (TTR) Personal Training course?

  • I did the 6 week intensive course in 2011 based in Brighton.
  • What did you do with your TTR qualification?

  • I immediately applied for a Personal Training (PT) role in Brighton and Hove and worked as a PT for 3 months until I realised it wasn’t for me. I actually didn’t realise how many doors gaining this qualification opened for me - it wasn’t just for Personal Trainers, I learnt so much and I am now qualified to give the advice and understand the industry I am in a lot more.
  • How did Skinny Chimp come about?

  • I pinched a friend’s top which I adored but it didn’t fit me so I created my own. It was a skinny strapped design. I used to call people ‘chimps’ down the gym – “Hey look at that chimp”, so the name evolved from there.
  • When did you start up?

  • I researched and worked on setting up for a year before launching Skinny Chimp March 3rd 2013.
  • What celebs have been seen wearing Skinny Chimp?

  • The boys from the boy band Blue are huge - Simon wore it on ITV2 and Duncan has all colours and styles! Peter Andre has been spotted wearing Chimp, Calum Best loves the t-shirts and trains in them. Boxer Alex Reid, TOWIE and Geordie Shore guys, and even Hunger games actor Bruno Gunn have all been seen wearing Skinny Chimp!
  • How is business going?

  • Better than I ever expected, I thought it would be a side line job, sell a few vests here and there online. I was not prepared for the amount of fans Skinny Chimp has gained in 18 months – we now have over 100k followers on social media and have become an established limited company. It’s like a roller coaster, the downs are tough as I’m learning as I go. Mistakes are made but lessons are learnt, but the ups outweigh the downs; winning fashion awards, seeing people in the brand, celebs chatting about it - those moments are amazing!
  • What is a typical day for you?

  • There is no such thing. Its 24/7 for me right now - be it processing orders, organising photo shoots, designing new products, finding a suitable supplier or tweeting - if I’m awake there’s something to do!
  • What's next for Skinny Chimp?

  • I am continuing to build the brand as well as expanding the clientele. I want to reach out to other countries and get Skinny Chimp stocked and sold in stores worldwide. Skinny Chimp was launched as a fitness brand - I am so glad I did the TTR course as I deal with the fitness industry day in and day out. The customers I have are fitness fanatics and my brand ambassadors are all PT’s and promote the Skinny Chimp brand, so it helps to understand their industry. My TTR course has given me the confidence and knowledge to know what the industry needs, what is missing and more importantly, how it works.
    Skinny Chimp is promoting a healthy lifestyle. Strong people wear Skinny!
  • We love the Skinny Chimp clothing range and wish Rebecca so much success in the future. Rebecca’s experience is a great example of where a TTR course can really take your career, and it might not always be where you expect!

    Check out the Skinny Chimp website and the full clothing range here

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