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Which job in the fitness industry is for you?

Now that you’ve qualified, you’ll obviously be looking to kick start your career in the fitness industry as soon as possible. But do you know where you want to kick start this new career of yours?

It’s important to choose somewhere that suits your talents and interests, and there are plenty of differ opportunities out there; suitable for a whole array of people.

So read below, and see which one you feel which one is best for you, and let us lead you on the right path.

Gym or Fitness Instructor

Working in a gym, health club or leisure centre, a fitness instructor plans and supervises workouts, encourages new members to join then welcomes them with inductions. Whilst taking part in ongoing member programmes, your duties may also include helping more qualified instructors to deliver personal training plans.

Does the career path fit your personality?

Are you outgoing, friendly and love meeting new people? Then this could be your perfect role. You’ll have the enthusiasm to inspire potential members to sign up, backed with the confidence to induct new clients around the gym. You’ll use your health and fitness knowledge to plan and supervise their workouts but your ability to motivate will make sure gym members stick to a regular exercise program.

Personal Trainer

A PT works with individual clients to design tailored exercise programmes supported with advice on healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle. Whether working in a gym, health club or setting up an independent business, a personal trainer actively engages with potential clients and helps them reach their goals.

Does the career path fit your personality?

Naturally charming, you’ll be able to build rapport with different types of people and encourage them with your knowledge, passion and dedication to fitness. Self-motivation is essential as you’ll have to work hard to market yourself in order to attract new clients. Flexibility and good organisational skills go hand in hand with this role, so you’ll be up to the challenge of adapting your working hours to suit your client’s schedules.

Exercise to Music Instructor

Delivering group classes to music, these instructors work in fitness centres and health clubs but many also take their skills to community centres. The role involves planning, instructing and assessing workouts to music, usually working freelance or employed as a studio coordinator.

Does the career path fit your personality?

A love of music, natural rhythm and a passion for group exercise – if this sounds like you then this role could be ideal. Primarily, the ability to use choreography and charisma to stimulate and inspire classes of various ages and abilities is essential.

Physical Activity for Children Instructor

This role combines elements of fitness and physical activity to prepare and instruct group activities for children of various ages. Games, sports, creative play and general exercise are used to deliver fun, exciting exercise sessions to guide children to continue an active lifestyle.

Does the career path fit your personality?

Challenging and exciting, this role is the perfect opportunity to use your enthusiasm for fitness to inspire and influence. Being able to communicate with children of all ages is key to this role, as is a flexible attitude.

Exercise Referral Instructor

Offering specialist expertise, an exercise referral instructor works with people who have been medically referred onto an exercise programme. Often working in collaboration with GPs or other healthcare professionals, the role involves creating, monitoring and applying exercise programmes for individual clients with medical conditions. Patient information is used to design safe, effective exercise that help inspire patients to take up regular physical activity.

Does the career path fit your personality?

If you have excellent communication skills and a strong desire to improve people’s health, then exercise referral may be your dream career. For this role, it is important to support and encourage clients with a non-judgemental approach as they will often have a different outlook on fitness to yourself.

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