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Take The Studio Cycling Module At The Training Room

With the gym becoming the go-to activity for adults of all ages, indoor group activities have become exceedingly popular; with indoor cycling becoming a particular favourite.

In health clubs and sports centres across the country, you’ll often find a multitude of packed classes all offering a variety of different cycling programmes. Unlike many spinning qualifications such as ‘RPM’, our studio cycling qualification provides you with the freedom to cater the class to your personality; you could better describe it as ‘freestyle cycling’.

What Does The Course Entail

The Studio Cycling Module at The Training Room sits alongside our intensive fitness instructor and personal trainer courses as an optional module. Although optional, it’s a great qualification to hold due to the popularity of cycling classes, and because employees like personal trainers with a wide range of qualifications.

The course itself is designed to help further our students’ knowledge by providing them with information, and methods, on how to take a studio cycling class. Elements you’ll learn include:

  • Planning a class
  • Music selection
  • Appropriate drills and safety considerations
  • Bike setup
  • Positions and techniques
  • Mandatory and optional manoeuvres
  • Cooling down stretches

Taking Part on the Course

The course is open to all those that have minimum of a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness and Instructing or equivalent, which are obtained on our intensive 6 week personal training courses.

There isn’t any reading to be done before taking this course which means you can get started quicker! Students are actively encouraged by our trainers to take part in a variety of studio cycling classes, in order to build up their bike fitness beforehand.

The course day will involve a short theory session with the rest of the day spent on the bike, and is assessed through a short practical observation; which gives students the opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learnt. Successfully completing this course and practical observation will afford you 8 REPs CPD points.

Further Your Skills Today

With The Training Room, we’re here every step of the way to help you reach your full potential, no matter what level of fitness you may have come in at, as we want you achieve that end result.

So take part in this amazing course and take your training skills to a whole new level.

For more information about this course send us your details and we’ll call you back.

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