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Take the Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning Training Module at The Training Room

When you work as a personal trainer it’s important to have as much information, and as many skills sets as possible, under your belt. This will allow you to add an array of clients to your roster, where you can adapt training sessions to what they want and need.

With The Training Room we offer a wide variety of different qualifications alongside our various fitness and personal training courses. One of these is the Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning Training Module.

What can be considered a modern form of circuit training; Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning (MCR) Training are fat burning sessions, which combine a hybrid of bodybuilding set and rep schemes, alongside interval training with a twist. Within these workouts you can implement handpicked exercises using a variety of equipment, such as kettlebells and dumbbells, all together in a circuit training fashion.

An excellent qualification to have, and an amazing training ability to add to your repertoire.

What Does the Course Entail

The Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning Training Module provides students with the necessary skills and abilities surrounding this form of fitness. Here you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know, from the advantages and disadvantages, the exercises you can use, how to plan and implement them, health and safety and much more. All of this information will allow you to add this to your offering, to really get your clients working out.

The course itself is split into four different modules, which provides you a well-rounded and comprehensive view of this fitness form, these are:

  • The History of Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning Training
  • Responsibilities and Skills of the MRC Training Instructor
  • Health and Safety Considerations for A MRC Training Session
  • Planning and Delivering MRC Training Sessions

Taking Part on the Course

The entry requirements for the MCR course are a minimum of a L2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing, or an equivalent qualification. For those looking to take the course, there’s no pre-reading required, and the course can be completed within one day.

Toward the end of the training day you’ll be assessed via a question and answer worksheet, and a short practical observation. This is to give you the opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge you’ve learnt throughout the day; by planning and delivering a structured circuit training session with the group.

Upon successful completion of the training day, you’ll be awarded with 8 REPs points.

Further Your Skills Today

When you learn at The Training Room, you’ll be provided with the best help, assistance and guidance, all the way. No matter what your fitness level when you start, we’ll help you throughout your fitness journey to ensure you achieve the best end results.

So sign up and take part on this great course, and add as many skills to your repertoire, and take your training to a whole new level.

For more information about this course send us your details and we’ll call you back.

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