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Part Time Weekend Beauty Therapist Course

Embark on a new career today and turn your passion into a something else The Training Room.

If you like helping people look their best, The Training Room can help, you become a fully trained beauty therapist, with our part-time weekend beauty therapy course.

Perfect for those who currently work full-time but want to embark on a new career without having to move to part time work while training. This course is spread out over ten months, and you only have to take part on one weekend, every three weeks. Making it easy to fit into your schedule.

Here we’ll help you gain the qualifications you need to walk straight into the industry. You’ll qualify with the highest entry level diploma; Level 3 (Guild of Beauty Therapists).

Available at our Birmingham, Brentwood, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Southampton academies, just use the form to the right to enquire about this amazing course.

Beauty Course Overview

Our dedicated team of experienced tutors will equip you with everything you’ll need to walk into the beauty industry. Over the ten months you’ll train across two diplomas, Level 2 and 3, to ensure you have all the knowledge you could need.

The things you’ll learn are:

ITEC Level 2 – Diploma in Beauty Therapy Treatments:

  • Facial Skincare
    Learn to care for individual client’s skins through facial massage, the use of face masks, cleaning and exfoliation.
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow
    Develop the skills needed for tending to client’s eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Enhancement Treatments
  • Apply Make-Up
    Learn about the wide variety of make-up products and how to apply it to different face shapes, and how to use corrective make-up.
  • Manicure Treatments
    Care for client’s hands and nails with care through exfoliation, massage and painting.
  • Pedicure Treatments
    Tend to client’s feet and nails with massage techniques, nail painting and exfoliation.
  • Remove Hair Using Waxing Techniques
    Learn a variety of different waxing techniques, including methods for both hot and cold waxing.
  • Apply Individual Permanent Lashes
    Learn how to apply permanent individual lashes, and how to test products, tools and equipment for each client.
  • Working In The Beauty Related Industries
    Learn the skills required from an induvial when working in the beauty and other related industries.
  • Client Care And Communication in Beauty Related Industries
    Develop the skills you’ll need when dealing with clients from all walks of life and how to build a great relationship.
  • Salon Reception Duties
    From professionalism and how to handle enquires to making a good first impression and the importance of detail – these are all new skills you’ll learn.
  • Display Stock to Promote Sales in a Salon
    Develop the knowledge of how to sell products through the best ways of placement and promotion.
  • Health and Safety Practice in the Salon
    Learn all about the health, safety and hygiene techniques required when working in the beauty industry.

ITEC Level 3 – Diploma in Beauty Therapy:

  • Body Massage
    Learn all the different massage mediums and how you can apply these to each of your individual clients, to match their need.
  • Stone Therapy Massage
    Develop the skills needed for both hot and cold stone massages.
  • Indian Head Massage
    Learn how to indulge clients with this massage technique that concentrates on the head, face, neck and shoulders.
  • Massage Using Pre-Blended Aromatherapy Oils
    Develop your skills when it comes to massage therapy and how oils can help different clients in different ways.
  • Microdermabrasion
    Using crystals to exfoliate the face and remove dead skins; this is an important cosmetic treatment in the world of beauty.
  • Threading
    Help your clients perfect their eyebrows with this fantastic and unique beauty treatment.
  • Client Care And Communication In Beauty Related Industries
    Advance your skills when it comes to developing relationships with your clients to ensure you can provide the best customer care around.
  • Monitor and Maintain Health and Safety Practice in the Salon
    Hygiene, safety and health are important skills you need to learn and develop when working in the beauty industry. And this will teach you how to maintain a safe work environment.

It doesn’t just stop here though, as you’ll also be sent on a one day course during your training time:

One Day CPD Course:

This one day course will benefit you when it comes to working on nails, teaching you how to enhance and maintain nails using GelColor by OPI.

The Tools To Succeed

To succeed in any industry you’ll need the right tools.

This is why our students are all provided with an amazing start up package, to ensure the can tackle the world of beauty head on.

Specifically designed to student and industry requirements, the start-up kit provided includes a beauty therapy kit approved by HABIA, which will ensure you’ll be prepared for everything from waxing to manicures.


Why Become A Beauty Therapist?

If you enjoy helping people look their best, and take great pride in making people happy, then working in the beauty industry is the best place for you.

A job that’s different every day, and lets you meet a wide array of people during your career, it’s the perfect route to go down for the sociable.

It also opens up a whole host of different job opportunities, as you don’t just have to work in a beauty salon. You could work in department stores, on cruise ships and even in the make-up departments for films, television shows and at the theatre. The avenues are almost endless.

You can also choose to work for yourself and become self-employed, or you could go employed and work for someone else – it’s up to you.

Start Your Beauty Career With The Training Room

When training with us, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll always be looked after, from your first day, to the last and beyond, we’ll be there to help.

We’re a full service careers provider at The Training Room, so we’ll help you through your training, and as you embark upon your beauty career, which isn’t something you get with regular training providers.

On top of this you’ll have access to expert tutors, who are always on hand to provide guidance. Overall The Training Room can offer:

  • Development and mentoring throughout your training from expert supervisors.
  • Career assistance is always available, to help you find your first beauty position after graduation.
  • Three year training guarantee. This means you can have as many free exam re-sits and module repeats as you need, to ensure the completion of your certificate.

So don’t delay and kick-start your new career in this fantastic industry with The Training Room.

For more information about this course, call 0800 021 6054 or send us your details and we’ll call you back.

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