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Why Become A Beauty Therapist

Have you always enjoyed making people look and feel great about themselves? Then maybe you should consider a career in the beauty industry.

Working in beauty may not be the industry you always considered, but it’s a great way to turn a passion into a career. It’s also different every day, lets you meet hundreds, if not thousands, of different people, allows you be creative and opens up a wide selection of different career paths.

With help from The Training Room, you could soon embark on a fun and exciting adventure in the beauty industry.

Read on to find out why becoming a beauty therapist could be perfect for you.

Why The Beauty Industry?

If you’re wondering about why you should work in the beauty industry, let’s give you a little overview.

Aside from turning a passion into a career, the beauty industry is massive, offering up opportunities to work everywhere, from big department stores and small salons to cruise ships and even TV. You also have the ability to work for yourself remotely if you want.

You can also focus on various areas, not just those you originally trained in, as you could become an expert in areas such as massage or make up.

And let’s face it, everyone wants to pamper themselves, so there’s always scope to work in the beauty industry.

What Qualifications Do You Need?

To become a beauty therapist, there are a number of different qualifications you can gain. This ranges from your everyday level qualifications to more the specific, for specialising in specific areas.

Here at The Training Room we offer:

  • ITEC Level 2 – Diploma in Beauty Therapy Treatments
  • ITEC Level 3 – Diploma in Beauty Therapy

These are recognised both nationally and worldwide, ensuring you can attend to the people’s beauty needs, wherever you end up. We also offer flexible course, which include part-time weekend and part-time weekday.

Further to this, if you wanted to specialise in a specific area, such as massage, you can gain a whole range of other qualifications, to give you a wider knowledge of that area.

Where Can I Work As A Beauty Therapist

Working in the beauty industry can open a whole host of doors, and provide you with various work opportunities. You don’t have to be restricted to one type of beauty job, or to one sector.

Below are a list of areas you could work in when you enter the beauty industry.

  1. Film
  2. Television
  3. Education
  4. Hotel Spas
  5. Salons
  6. Health Farms
  7. Holiday Resorts
  8. Cruise Ships
  9. Department Stores
  10. Specialist work
  11. Freelance

What Wage Can You Earn As A Beauty Therapist

Your salary, like with any job, is important. And like any job, the salary for a beauty therapist can vary from employer to employer.

Typically a newly trained beauty therapist can expect to start on a salary of around £12,000, which can rise to around £17,000 after a few years of experience. People of more seniority, such as managers, can earn up to £25,000.

If you are self-employed, your wages can vary from week to week, depending on what work you do and how much.

Train To Be A Beauty Therapist At The Training Room

So if you feel the beauty industry could offer you something you’re missing from your current employment, don’t delay and find out about becoming a beauty therapist today.

Here at The Training Room we can offer you all the help you could need, from the beginning to the end of your course, and beyond.

For more information about this course, call 0800 021 6054 or send us your details and we’ll call you back.

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