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Why become a Beauty Therapist – benefits of working in salon

Working in a Salon

20 June, 2016

So you’re on your way to be a Beauty Therapist – Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room Ambassador gives you the low down of using your qualification and working in a salon. Once qualified as a Beauty Therapist the career opportunities … Continue reading

How to Get a Flatter Stomach and Banish Belly Fat

Bannish Belly Fat Blog

20 June, 2016

Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room Ambassador provides her 7 tips to help you achieve a flatter stomach and banish belly fat and doing sit-ups and crunches alone isn’t really going to achieve a flat stomach quickly. If you have a … Continue reading

Women and Weight Training


01 June, 2016

Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room Ambassador investigates the best ways that women can incorporate weights in their training and highlights some of the benefits of how weights can help. Although numerous studies support the benefits of weight / strength training … Continue reading

Looking after your skin with facials


16 May, 2016

Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room ambassador has been investigating the benefits of facial treatments and gives us a snapshot of the best ways to look after our skin. Life can be hectic and due to our busy lifestyles often we … Continue reading

Most Personal Trainers Don’t Ask This Question


22 January, 2015

Quite often the answer to increasing your client base is right in front of you. If you have managed to get off the mark in getting a client to invest in your services, then why not use this existing network … Continue reading

Calling all Personal Trainers: Don’t lose your position!


09 January, 2015

I can still remember my first week as PT in the gym like it was yesterday. I really wanted to make an impression; I wanted to be the guy that everyone came to. So every chance I got to get … Continue reading

Scola’s Week 2 Video Round Up

Scola Dondo

07 January, 2015

Scola has well and truly started her course to be a qualified Personal Trainer. The level 2 part of the course was already completed at college so Scola could relax a little for the first 2 weeks. However, it did … Continue reading

Scola’s Week 1 Video Round Up


15 December, 2014

What is it like being a student on one of our fast track 6 week personal training course? Well, Scola is just about to show you! Check out this video that Scola has kindly filmed for us showing you what … Continue reading

Follow Scola Dondo on her journey with The Training Room

Scola Dondo

08 December, 2014

We are delighted to welcome Scola Dondo onto our course, as she embarks on her personal training qualification at our academy in Camden, London. Scola is a YouTube hit! She has nearly 150,000 subscribers on her channel. Through her own … Continue reading

Emma Trott’s Career Change to a Personal Trainer

Emma Trott

24 October, 2014

Emma Trott is a retired racing cyclist and has decided to become a Personal Trainer through The Training Room. Find out why Personal Training is the right career choice for her: You retire from professional sport. You are unsure about … Continue reading