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where have all the chefs gone?


21 August, 2015

According to Carina Perkins, the Fresh Foods Editor at the Grocer “more and more people are eating out in the UK”*. Despite the apparent growth within the hospitality sector, you’d think the volume of industry ready chefs corresponds with the … Continue reading

Traineeships on the Rise


27 March, 2015

On March 25th 2015 BBC reporter Patrick Howse reported that adult education in England “will not exist by 2020” if government cuts continue. The report went on to state that “The Association of Colleges says 190,000 adult education places will … Continue reading

What’s Cooking at The Training Room?


24 March, 2015

Established in 2006, The Training Room started its life as a careers provider within the fitness industry, offering training to candidates looking to start a new career as a Personal Trainer. In 2014 The Training Room’s innovative training and support … Continue reading