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post holiday blues

15 August, 2016

The suitcase has been stowed away and the tan is slowly fading – yep, summer is drawing to a close and after a week or two relaxing in far flung locations, heading back to the gym can be a painful … Continue reading


weight training

10 August, 2016

Taking on the task of toning up or slimming down can be daunting, but it all comes down to a very simple notion – eat healthily and embark on lots of exercise, right? Wrong. Well, kind of. With so much … Continue reading


glitter freckles

02 August, 2016

Flower garlands, denim shorts and an abundance of fringing – yep, festival season is upon us. Although the masses flock to rural locations to brave the mud and fast food, it’s also a platform to push beauty boundaries and try … Continue reading



27 July, 2016

The holidays booked and the trainers are out – there’s no greater motivator to hit the gym and feel your best than an imminent summer break. As a personal trainer, your clients request is typically a combination of toning up … Continue reading


summer skin

27 July, 2016

We’ve all been there – meticulously planning our holiday outfits, booking months of personal training sessions and frantically working through endless to-do lists on our desk in preparation for a getaway. It’s no wonder that when the final week rolls … Continue reading

Women in Web Developing

Women in Web Dev

30 June, 2016

Think technology is a man’s game? Think again thanks to these pioneering powerhouses. Girl power indeed! ‘This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl’. James Brown must have been thinking about the … Continue reading

Why become a Beauty Therapist – benefits of working in salon

Working in a Salon

20 June, 2016

So you’re on your way to be a Beauty Therapist – Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room Ambassador gives you the low down of using your qualification and working in a salon. Once qualified as a Beauty Therapist the career opportunities … Continue reading

How to Get a Flatter Stomach and Banish Belly Fat

Bannish Belly Fat Blog

20 June, 2016

Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room Ambassador provides her 7 tips to help you achieve a flatter stomach and banish belly fat and doing sit-ups and crunches alone isn’t really going to achieve a flat stomach quickly. If you have a … Continue reading

Sleep for health and weight loss

Dal image

01 June, 2016

The Training Room’s very own Ambassador, Dal Dhaliwal has written a guest blog for us and we are excited to share it with you. Dal Dhaliwal is a successful entrepreneur, TV and radio presenter and popular columnist! With industry experience … Continue reading

Women and Weight Training


01 June, 2016

Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room Ambassador investigates the best ways that women can incorporate weights in their training and highlights some of the benefits of how weights can help. Although numerous studies support the benefits of weight / strength training … Continue reading