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Be January Ready: How To Be Prepared For New Clients In The New Year

Finance January

22 December, 2015

Personal Trainers: how do you feel about your January bank balance? Here’s how to make sure your income is thriving in the New Year. 1. Act Now For A Healthy New Year Income Now is the time to set yourself … Continue reading

Helping Your Clients with Their Cholesterol


28 October, 2015

Cholesterol is a fatty substance carried in the blood, and is essential for the body to function correctly. It‘s found in all cells in the body and helps make hormones, vitamin D, and some of the bile acids used in … Continue reading

Keep Your Clients Motivated In The Winter Months

Winter Training

22 October, 2015

It’s 5.30 pm, dark and temperatures are struggling to get above freezing – feel like a workout? Chances are your clients are asking themselves the same question and the answer is typically a resounding ‘no’. Dedication and commitment is known … Continue reading

Encourage your Clients to Make the Most of the Great Outdoors this Summer


22 July, 2015

Summer is a great time for Personal Trainers to introduce a new fitness dimension to their clients’ workout routines. Here are 5 ways your clients can make the most of outdoor workouts this Summer. Location-specific workouts Where is your PT … Continue reading

Make Fitness Your Business


28 April, 2015

You’ve proved you are totally Tough Mudder, mastered the London Marathon, you’ve conquered Ride London! So where do you go from here when it comes to setting your next fitness goals? If you find your friends, family and gym buddies … Continue reading

Most Personal Trainers Don’t Ask This Question


22 January, 2015

Quite often the answer to increasing your client base is right in front of you. If you have managed to get off the mark in getting a client to invest in your services, then why not use this existing network … Continue reading

Recruit and Retain Personal Training Clients


22 December, 2014

How to find the right balance when recruiting new clients and keeping existing clients happy Incentives are a great way to drum up new business and it’s a tactic employed in all industries, but it’s not without its risks; get … Continue reading

How to Keep The Business Coming In

Training Room0181

17 December, 2014

If your personal training business is up and running and you’ve got a healthy – and increasingly fit – client base on your hands, you’ll want to know the best ways to keep the business coming in. Here are some … Continue reading

Personal Trainer or Life Coach?


12 December, 2014

As a Personal Trainer, you already know how varied your job can be. But how many people realise that a good Personal Trainer is often a Life Coach, trusted Advisor and health consultant all rolled in to one? Gone are … Continue reading