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Career Opportunities in the Fitness Industry


10 December, 2013 | In: Corporate News, Personal Training, The Training Room

The active leisure, learning and well‐being sector currently employs 663,300 people, just over 2% of the total UK workforce. 51,500 of these work in the health and fitness industry. Over the last decade the industry has grown rapidly from within both the private sector and public sector. A catalyst has been the government’s reliance on the industry to reach their public health and activity targets with fighting illness and obesity.

Physical inactivity currently costs £10billion per year and is the cause of 17% of premature deaths. A total of 1.4 of the adult population in the UK are inactive. As a result the government have targets to reduce this by 1% as a year on year reduction over 5 years, saving £1.2 billion per year of taxpayers’ money and most importantly 37,000 lives.

In 2004, long term forecasts were taken indicating that employment across the health and fitness sector will grow by around 21% over the period to 2014. This is massive growth for any one sector and extremely positive for someone looking at career opportunities within the industry.

Far more deaths are a result of poor fitness rather than obesity. You can help the reduction of both with a career as a Personal Trainer. Improving individuals’ fitness levels and helping to diminish obesity are just some of the issues facing the general population that you can positively impact.

As a personal trainer you can be employed or self-employed and gym based or non-gym based. The latter depends on the individual and place of work. The positive aspects of being a PT are being able to choose the hours you work, be your own boss, help individuals, have the flexibility in your career alongside other daily commitments, determine your own salary and overall loving your job.

Other jobs in the industry include Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor and Gym Instructor. All Personal Trainer courses offered at The Training Room include completion of your Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym).

The facts and figures in this article confirm why having a career in the health and fitness industry will be a successful one. So if you have been thinking about a career change then now is definitely a great time to take the leap. Get in touch by calling 0800 028 4162 or by visiting thetrainingroom.com

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