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Calling all Personal Trainers: Don’t lose your position!


09 January, 2015 | In: Guest Posts, The Training Room, Tutors

I can still remember my first week as PT in the gym like it was yesterday. I really wanted to make an impression; I wanted to be the guy that everyone came to. So every chance I got to get my face in front of potential clients, I took it!

I covered classes, reception duties and member inductions! I even went beyond the call of duty by helping the sales staff out with their external marketing.

Sure enough, I steadily picked up clients, but when I think back, I could of kick-started my business a hell of a lot better if I just done more positioning!

You see, I was doing the right things in building friendships and rapport with potential clients. But, whenever people told me personal training wasn’t within their budget I simply left it at that… Bad move!

“Get in position”

Be in prime position, at potential client’s finger tips, a step ahead of the competition!

Yes, it is fair to say that not every person in the gym wants personal training from the off, they may not have disposable income or might not even value the role that a PT can play.

“Put your business at their fingertips”

The next time a potential client declines the offer of your services, astutely ask them if would like to subscribe to your email list. Inform them it is where you offer great, free advice on all things health related.

Once you have an email you can send them numerous content that can drive them towards your business.

Here are 5 things you can use to your emails to get you started:

  • Home PT programmes
  • Blog posts
  • Healthy recipes
  • DIY shakes
  • Before and after stories from your current clients

“Show them what they’re missing”

Bottom Line: Don’t waste a great opportunity to position yourself at the front of the queue when you start building your business. Over deliver with your content and your business will soon grow!

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