For the men over the festive season; winter workouts and more!

28 November, 2013


It is true that men can be vainer than women worrying about their clothing, hair and physique especially on a night out on the town. Let’s face it, although it’s soon to be the season for eating, drinking and being … Continue reading

"My Midlife Career Change Saved Me" TTR Student Case Study

26 November, 2013


My midlife career change saved me Clair Cusack, 40, from Bristol had worked for 23 years in the corporate charity sector, latterly as a fund-raising manager.  She loved her work, found it hugely rewarding and enjoyed making a difference to … Continue reading

For the ladies over the festive season

22 November, 2013


THE LBD WORKOUT   We all want to fit into our LBD’s over the festive season with plenty of parties to attend. Make sure that this year you aren’t squeezing into a dress that’s slightly too tight or playing it … Continue reading

Weight Loss Myths Everyone Should Know by guest blogger James Hundson

21 November, 2013

weight loss myths

There are plenty of widespread fat reduction myths that people live by. It is very difficult to split up the body weight loss myths. It is slightly incredulous to believe the mythologies that have extensively been dispersed when it comes … Continue reading

How much sleep do we really need?

06 November, 2013

Woman waking up

Everyone has different beliefs about how much sleep we need but the truth of the matter is that we are all different and therefore all need varying amounts of sleep to not be sleepy in the daytime. Is it a … Continue reading

Get the latest scientific findings on the positive effects from exercise

04 November, 2013


Do you currently take part in regular physical activity, not including your daily household chores? Did you know that exercise can help to prevent or manage a wide range of health problems?   Many associate exercise with weight loss and … Continue reading

Run for your life to improve your fitness with the Zombie app!

31 October, 2013

zombies run app

Step 1; put on your running shoes, step 2; put on your headphones, step 3; step outside, step 4; start to briskly walk, jog or run. You will soon hear them….heavy breathing, deep groaning, moving closer and closer….zombies….they are everywhere! … Continue reading

Good Fats Vs Bad Fats & The Truth About Fad Diets

24 October, 2013


  This week at The Training Room we are talking about nutrition and how alongside exercise, your food has to be clean and lean to really get the results that you want, not only looking good on the outside but … Continue reading

Are you aware of the dangers of body building supplements?

23 October, 2013


Have you ever used or heard of 2.4 Dinitrophenol also known as DNP? The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have today informed us about DNP and the dangers surrounding it.   DNP is a body building supplement, marketed at the bodybuilding … Continue reading

A Day In The Life of a Personal Trainer

17 October, 2013


This post is based on local and successful Personal Trainer Liam Bowater based at The Village Hotel, Bournemouth and his interpretation of a day in the life of a Personal Trainer.   Liam has been a Personal Trainer for 5 … Continue reading