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At The Training Room, we’re passionate about your future. That’s why we work with only the most experienced tutors. We pride ourselves on recruiting, training, developing and managing professionals, so that they can offer the very best to our students. Their expertise means they can offer top notch advice and mentoring – before and after you qualify.

Our tutors

Jenna Coyle - Personal Training Tutor in Scotland

I have worked in the fitness industry for the last 7 years as a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. I have always enjoyed teaching classes and doing all types of sports such as snowboarding.

Emma Paul - Midlands Regional Tutor

Working within the fitness industry provides so much variety that you can't get bored - no two days are the same! I get to meet lots of different people and spend my time doing something I love whilst staying fit. Not many jobs offer that.

David Hawkins-Weeks - Internal Verifier

My role is to ensure that our quality of teaching and assessment is high and meets Active IQ (our awarding body) standards. I spend a lot of my time observing our tutors and assessors, checking their paperwork and giving advice, all so we can maintain the teaching excellence The Training Room is associated with.

Christopher Hole - Personal Training Tutor in Bristol

I chose to become a personal trainer because I wanted to make an impact to people’s lives and educate them about how their body works. I now have more than four years’ experience as a fully qualified PT.

Kirsty Skinner - Personal Training Tutor in Bristol

I started in the fitness industry almost a decade ago after finishing a National Diploma in Sport. I was a keen football player and after experiencing a serious injury I decided that I wanted to help others, so I qualified as a PT tutor and haven’t looked back!

Andy McGlashan - Personal Training Tutor in Newcastle

I love being part of the fitness industry and delivering fitness qualifications as I have a huge passion for passing my skills and knowledge onto the next generation of personal trainers.

Amanda Harewood - Beauty Tutor in Manchester

Being part of the beauty industry is all I ever wanted to do as a little girl. I am as passionate about the industry now as I was when I first started 28 years ago. In that time I have acquired a considerable wealth of experience by working my way up from being a mobile therapist, working in spas, hospitals and boutique style salons.

Danielle Weston - Beauty Tutor in Manchester

Over the years I have accomplished so many of my dreams whilst working within the spa industry and I now believe that I can pass the passion, drive and determination down onto the next generation of beauty therapists.

Martin Hamer - Personal Training Tutor in Leeds

Before getting involved in the fitness industry all my background has been based around coaching.

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