The Training Room is a full service careers provider. In a nutshell, we specialise in high quality professional training across a range of industries, but our approach is underpinned with the fundamental belief that our role is to support each and every student during and after their training in order to provide the best career start possible.

A little bit of history

Established in 2006, The Training Room originally operated as a careers provider within the fitness industry, offering training to those looking to start a new career as a personal trainer.

Over the following seven years, the company grew substantially, becoming the UK’s biggest provider of personal trainer qualifications.

Student numbers doubled and tripled as The Training Room developed a reputation for creating ‘industry-ready’ professionals, equipped with the skills necessary to forge a successful career in the fitness industry, and opening doors to job opportunities with big name health clubs.

This year will see The Training Room’s innovative training and support model applied to a number of new industries, including beauty and catering.

“The Training Room was borne from the realisation that gyms struggled to recruit industry ready PTs. Although lots of training providers were out there, they weren’t providing a holistic learning and support package, which meant that many PTs, although qualified, simply weren’t ready for the role.

“Having experienced great success with our approach to training in the personal training arena, we know there’s demand for us to offer our renowned full service careers package to those looking to begin careers in other industries. To enable even more people to embark on stimulating, fast track careers is incredibly exciting. Here’s to the next leg of our journey!”

Jonathan Davies, founder and CEO

The way we work


We take an innovative, dynamic approach to our work. It’s what helps us achieve real results for our students and as a business


We’re doers, and we make things happen. We believe it’s the only way to operate


Our training model has been developed to provide the very best experience for our students and our corporate partners


We operate as one big team; from our tutors to our students and placement partners. We all play by the same rules, value the same things and love to share in each other’s success.