Race Report – Fully Sussed

Steve Moors and Mark Chadbourne travelled to the Forest of Dean to take part in a round of the Fully Sussed series. The course was based at the dedicated cycling centre with lots of fantastic trails. Highly recommend a trip there if you get the chance.

Unfortunately as we crossed the bridge it started to rain and proceeded to get heavier and heavier. The flowing trails became technical as the mud made everything very treacherous. It was a long steady climb from the start that took you to the top of the course and then you dropped down some great descents, to climb again etc. It was great fun and if you like that slightly out of control feeling then this was the course for you. In the Vets Mark made a break and was away leading for the first two laps. However he was joined by Lewis King for the final lap and lost out in a fire road sprint for the single track descent eventually coming in second. Steve had a great ride in the Grand Vets in conditions that he relishes. Unfortunately he was told that he was winning and road a very solitary race only to find out that there was in fact a rider ahead of him. To be fair to the organisers everyone was covered head to foot in mud and within 5 minutes of starting everyone looked the same.

SAMS – Deepcut – 1 July 2012.

The final round of the Southern series took place at Deepcut. Stuart King and Liz Gilmour were racing at a stage race in Wales but the rest of the mtb team were all present. The course was very typical of the area, being in the army training forests. Lots of bomb holes, technical twisty tracks on a range of surfaces, short sharp kicker hills and enough overtaking places if you need it. Being the final race of the season there were lots of riders there trying to cement their position in the overall standings. Even if you weren’t in the top three a good ride today would sort out your grid position for the important first race of next year.

The weather gods decided the surfaces were too dusty and decided to treat us to torrential downpours. Corners and descents that were ok in practice became distinctly sketchy and the medics had to deal with a broken leg, broken shoulders as well as the normal cuts and grazes. Riders were huddled under trees trying to get some cover before they were called up to the start line. A lot of people were looking at their tyre choices and regretting the fast rolling but no grip selection.

Carol Tilley was racing first knowing that a good result would give her the overall series win. A fine ride for second place meant that it was job done as she won the series.

The Vets as always had a large field. Mark Chadbourne got into the lead quickly on the first lap knowing these conditions suit him well. He kept pushing until he established a good lead and then concentrated on not crashing to not only win the race but the overall series as well. Ro Tilley did not get the best of starts but in true Ro style got stronger and stronger as the race went on and as others faded came in a strong 12th.

The Grand Vets saw Steve Moors battling with his usual rivals at the head of the field. Having got a good start Steve settled into the regular ding dong battle he has with fellow racers. Using the technical sections to his advantage and trying to limit any losses on the gravel roads Steve came in a battling fourth which gave him a well deserved 3rd overall in the series.


Our students – Andrea’s Story

In 2001 I went to watch my mother run the Great North Run, by then she had already run six full marathons, several half marathons, and a 10km, and watching her inspired me to participate the following year. From that point on I caught the running bug! After completing four Great North Runs, the Brighton Half Marathon, and a few 10km runs I was finally able to complete my first full marathon when I competed in Edinburgh last year. I certainly intend to run that distance again. In fact, I’ve entered the ballot for the London Marathon next year and hope to find out if I’m successful in October 2012! My next immediate challenge is a twenty mile “Pink Ribbon walk” in London on 16th June, in aid of Breast Cancer Care (a charity I hold dear and have raised money for several times).

I’ve always tried to look after myself and have led a pretty active life (I was in the army in my early twenties, for instance). Now, finding myself in my mid 40’s and with a growing family, I feel it more important than ever to keep myself in as good a shape and condition as possible. I want to grow old gracefully and be in the best physical shape I can be, and to be active for my young daughter for as long as is possible. Through my pursuit and my enthusiasm I have been able to participate in a number of Tesco’s Race for Life events and I’ve encouraged family and friends to join me; people who would never normally want to walk or jog but who’ve said they’ve felt comfortable to try, in part due to my enthusiasm. With this is in mind, and after years of doing a job that I found increasingly unfulfilling, I decided to take a leap of faith and train as a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry (with the invaluable and loving support of family and friends).

I came to the course highly motivated but had little or no experience in a gym setting. The task seemed daunting from day one but with a lot of encouragement from the course tutor, Dan Reilly, it has been rewarding. His genuine enthusiasm for teaching and his love of trying to help us all become the best we can be kept us all on track. I always felt supported, even when my performance may have been just below par, as his criticism was never judgmental but was made to enhance your performance and experience. As such you felt like you were not only letting yourself down but you also felt as if you were letting him down. He is not only a great teacher but a great motivator. He was always available if you had a question or query. You wanted to perform to the best of your ability as you felt that your journey to becoming a personal trainer was not only your job but his passion! Needless to say I am happy I passed the course but am very happy that there are tutors like Dan Reilly around, with him on your side how can you fail?

Though it has often seemed daunting, and been very hard work at times, I am enjoying the challenge and am looking forward to helping people in any way I can. For it is not only going to be my journey, but a shared one; it will take a partnership, communication and trust to help others realise their dreams, and we will all learn from it. Nothing could mean more to me than to have someone say “thank you” for helping them become healthier and happier.

Andrea Scantlebury-Laskey

JobServe Live Glasgow

The Training Room will be attending JobServe Live in Glasgow on 13th June 2012.


JobServe Live events offer a range of lively and interactive features and demonstrations to give ou an experience of the opportunities available. In addition to this the events include one-to-one advice clinics covering CVs, business start-up and general careers advice, plus seminars on a wide range of recruitment and career issues.


JobServe Live is free to attend and all the information onsite is free of charge.


The event will be held in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. We will be in the training zone at the event at stand T5.


For further information or to register for fast track entry visit http://www.jobservelive.com/event.visit.asp?eventid=84