Inspiration – TJ Yates

We currently have an inspirational guy on our training course in Southampton. Terrance, TJ to his friends, is 21 and it will be 6 years this April since he lost his leg in a horrific fairground accident.


Prior to having his accident, TJ dreamed of becoming a pro footballer and played for Havant & Waterlooville. Sport had always been a big part of his life; he was also a keen runner and rugby player and had aspirations to become the best in his field.


The accident happened due to an error with the safety bar on a rollercoaster which left TJ hanging out of the cart as the ride moved on. He sustained serious injuries to his leg and, on arriving at the hospital, had only ½ unit of blood left. Clearly he was very lucky to survive such a serious accident but, due to the gravity of his injuries, his leg had to be amputated.


After his accident he spent a month in hospital and a further year in rehab. His biggest worry on losing his leg was that it would be the end of his sporting dreams. During his time in rehab, however, he was introduced to wheelchair basketball and found that he had a natural flair for the game. Basketball became the light at the end of the tunnel for TJ and gave him renewed hope for the future.


Being naturally strong and fit and with a huge amount of enthusiasm TJ threw himself into the game, determined to succeed. He started playing for the Hampshire Harriers and it wasn’t long before he was part of the under 23 GB squad. He has since moved on to play for the West Coast Tornados and is hugely proud of his quick progression within the sport.


During his time playing for the GB squad TJ has had the chance to travel to places such as Italy, Holland, Turkey, Germany, and Spain, winning the silver medal in the European’s in Italy. He is due to find out soon if they will be competing in the Paralympics this year.


TJ is an amazing person to talk to; he speaks about his disability openly and has the ability to make jokes at his own expense. He loves to show off in his chair, doing wheelies, and wowing those watching with his amazing upper body strength.


TJ is now studying on our full time course and before long will be a fully qualified personal trainer. He joined a gym after he had his accident and found that they weren’t well equipped to deal with his disability and, moreover, that they were ill equipped with the knowledge and necessary training techniques to help him progress.


From his experience TJ has seen a niche gap in the market and plans to open his own gym one day specialising in helping people with disabilities. He has close links with the rehab units in local hospitals and will undoubtedly have a lot of clients who will greatly benefit from his experience, courage and enthusiasm. Needless to say we will be behind him 100% and wish him every success in his future career and what will hopefully be a successful and rewarding business.

Why you should eat breakfast!

Today I wanted to give you some information that you can use to improve your physique from tomorrow onwards.


First up we have the reasons you should eat breakfast!

Recent research at the University of Massachusetts has shown that men who don’t eat breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese than those who eat it every day! Eating breakfast gives your metabolism the proverbial kick in the glutes that it needs from fasting for 6-12 hours!

When you go hours without eating your body will become catabolic (the body breaking down muscle for fuel) and if you have worked weeks, months or even years to gain your hard earned lean muscle then this is the last thing you need! By eating a good mix of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats at breakfast then you will promote anabolism (a state of muscle building) and preserve your muscle tissue.

An ideal breakfast would be 3 scrambled eggs (only 1 yolk), Wholegrain toast and freshly squeezed fruit juice or a piece of fruit.

The eggs contain vital protein which aid muscle growth and recovery, whilst also supplying essential fats. Wholegrain toast will provide a prolonged source of carbohydrates as well as fibre and the fruit juice or fruit will give you the much needed sugar boost that will kickstart your metabolism and also give you some of your essential vitamins and minerals.

Secondly I have 5 ways you can eat away fat before it has a chance to blur your glorious physique!

  1. Add lemon juice to water, tea, yoghurt and salads to trigger increased saliva production which helps to break down fat in foods/drinks.
  2. Add vinegar to fatty foods to increase the production of stomach acids which in turn can help reduce body fat storage by up to 10%.
  3. Eat blueberries! blueberries can reduce the amount of fat globules (called chylomicrons) that are transported into the blood stream by 73%.
  4. Switch to brown sugar rather than using white as the polyphenols in molasses reduce the amount of fat tissue (adipose tissue) that is stored.
  5. Lower your carbohydrate intake to 45% or lower of your daily calorie intake. This has been shown to reduce fat storage by 11%

I hope that this blog post has been helpful to your training and that you can use it to move closer towards your goals!

Once again if you have any questions or have any topics you would like “blogged” then email with your queries or suggestions. 


Josh Mullin

B-Fit Expo

The Training Room will be exhibiting at the B-Fit Expo at Excel, London on 28th-29th January 2012.


The B-Fit Expo is a great new fitness and lifestyle event for those who want to improve fitness, body shape, diet and well being. The event is designed to bring together those wanting to get fitter, healthier, and slimmer with expert trainers, nutritionists, sporting professionals and exhibitors. What better way to motivate yourself with your New Year health resolutions.


There will be 10 feature zones in order to inspire you. These include B-Fit training where sporting enthusiasts and students will have the opportunity to take part in inspirational classes by world class athletes. The main stage area will offer the opportunity to view demonstrations from leading club professionals and celebrity trainers. On top of all of this there will be tasty nutritious meals on the menu in the Healthy Eating Kitchen and lots of expert advice on how to eat well and stay in shape.


You will be able to find us at stand E19 to the left of the B-Active feature zone. If you have considered becoming a personal trainer and would like to talk face to face with one of our careers advisors then what better opportunity to find out more. We will also have some of our highly experienced tutors on hand to offer you an insight into academy life.


If you have any questions regarding the B-Fit Expo please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to seeing you there.



Dean Leak – Biography

In 2005 I began my degree in Sport Psychology at Bournemouth University. I have always been one of those people who are hugely ambitious and want to be the best they can be. Fortunately on degree course we had a full year’s placement which allowed us to go into industry to get a feel for work life and gain some work experience. I was not entirely sure of which career route I wanted to pursue but personal training had always been an area interest, mainly for the altruistic nature of working with and helping people achieve their goal. I was lucky to come across “the training room” which at the time had a centre in Bournemouth. The opportunity to come onto the course was intriguing since it gave us the opportunity to gain applied qualifications and PT experience whilst facilitating you to find a job after the course had finished.


My experience with TTRPT was a great experience. Whilst it gave you the obvious social benefits of meeting new people (friends we still meet up with) it gave you an opportunity to jump into a career very quickly without feeling exposed. The course covered a variety of exercise disciplines which equips you well for life as a personal trainer. The daunting aspect of the course for me was the “I am going to get a job after the course”. However, as I gradually made my way through the course my confidence grew and this gave me the belief I was able to be employed because of my experience, knowledge and qualifications. Within 14 days of leaving the course I was offered a job in Exeter (my home city) working as a gym supervisor and PT. It was a really great opportunity as the role required a lot of responsibility and self-drive.


Once the year in industry had finished I had to immerse myself back into my final year of study which was a challenge after a year of earning and work life.


During my final year of study I was very fortunate to meet the psychiatrist from British Cycling – Dr Steve Peters. It had also been my dream to work in Sport Psychology and if lucky enough with a Great Britain Team. After my degree had finished I was offered a job working with Great Britain Taekwondo building a talent transfer initiative called fighting chance whilst providing psychological support to these athletes. I was then employed by Great Britain Canoe Slalom as a mental skills coach working with the World Class Development Squad. I was also able to combine this with private one to ones working across several Olympic disciplines and continue to do so. My full time role now (whilst working with athletes in my spare time) is a National Development Manager for GB Taekwondo. My job as part of a team is to ensure we have the best systems in place to ensure we are continually producing the next generation of talent. The job is massively rewarding. There are many factors to why I got myself into this position. Hard work, commitment and luck have definitely played a part. But I think the experience and confidence I gained in the year in industry and development through the training room course set me up in the right direction. Thanks you the training room team!


For more information follow me on twitter @djlpsych and feel free to then contact me for any queries.